Downloading AstroPlanner

Step 1: Read this

AstroPlanner is freely available for downloading. You are welcome to use it as much as you like without any fee. We only ask that you do not pass on the software to anyone else, but rather get them to download it themselves from here. This version of AstroPlanner is (currently) fully functional with the following restrictions:

  • Only a few select catalogues are included (Messier, NGC and Yale Bright Star).
  • A complete manual, but with lower-quality graphics and no bookmarks - suitable for viewing on-screen.
  • You will be "nagged" occasionally to pay the registration fee if you use some of the more advanced features. Some advanced features are disabled altogether.
  • You are not entitled to any technical support (but you're always welcome to try).

If you pay the registration fee (see the "Order" link for details) you are entitled to:

  • The complete collection of catalogues, including millions of stars and deep space objects. This also includes new ones that are added occasionally, or ones that you request.
  • An additional manual with high-quality graphics and bookmarks, suitable for printing.
  • No "nag" messages.
  • Free updates to all releases of the current 1.x version.
  • Unlimited e-mail technical support.

Note: If you are a paid-up user you do not need to download here. An e-mail message was sent to you with directions to download versions of the application and other files. If you've lost that e-mail message, please ask for assistance.

WARNING: AstroPlanner V1 is not directly compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems. Windows users please read this document.

Step 1a: If you can burn CD-ROMs...

If you can burn a CD-R from a .iso file, then you can download an installation CD-ROM image from here (59MB). Unzip it and burn it onto a CD-R disk. There are installers for all supported platforms on the CD-ROM. Read no further - everything you need is on the disk.

Step 2: Download the manual

Download the manual (11.8MB, Adobe Acrobat PDF format) here. There is also a zipped version of the PDF file (11.4MB) if you have problems. (Para los usuarios hispanohablantes, Jorge Arranz ha traducido los capítulos introductorios del manual. Hay un archivo PDF de la traducción disponible aquí)

(If you have trouble, try ctrl-clicking the link (Mac) or right-clicking it (Windows) and save the link to disk) Read the first couple of chapters to see whether AstroPlanner is going to work for you. Make sure you read the licence agreement. When you first run the application you will be asked if you have read and agree with the terms of that licence agreement (mainly a formality). Note that the manual is not included with the application and other files and must be downloaded separately.

Step 3: Download the application files

Current released version: 1.6.1 (6 May 2008)


Application files
 Macintosh OS X

Download .dmg (11.6MB)
 Macintosh Classic (PPC only) Download .sit.hqx (11.5MB)*
 Windows (Win 2000 or later)

Download .zip (10.1MB)
* Your browser should take care of retrieving this file. If you end up with a file having a ".hqx" suffix on its name, try dragging it onto Stuffit Expander.

Step 4: Installation

Once you have downloaded the archive file, copy the application file from the supplied archive to a new folder/directory on your hard disk. If you already have an AstroPlanner installation make sure you replace the existing application with this one.

Double-click the application to start. Make sure you read the first three chapters of the manual, which includes a Quick Start tutorial.

Note: This is a much simpler installation than with previous versions. The AstroPlanner application now contains all necessary secondary files, and will replace/update them where necessary.

For the adventurous...

You can check the Pre-release page for beta versions of AstroPlanner.